A lot of people have seen the power of God when using His servant to prophesy over their lives and their prophesies getting fulfilled at an appointed time. Below are some of the prophesies that the servant of God have spoken over people's lives and they saw God's power operating in turning their lives around through the Word that was released.

My Name is Lloyd Masinga, I stay at Ndengeza village but currently staying in Randfontein. From 30, 31 August and 1 September you were in my church Bethesda Assemblies of God, And I have seen the devine power of God, It's the first time in my life to believe in Prophercy, I have seen man and woman delivered from stroke and It was the power of God. Sunday before you preached the Gospel of God, you asked mom to pray and she prayed in tongues and you interpreted it. Ok let me make a long story short, I was ushering people at that time and on Saturday you prayed for me and I came back to Randfontein and today I recieved what I was struggling about. I thank God for sending you to my church and indeed there is no failer with God, and everywhere I go I always remember your words when you said, when you received Jesus, I have received unstollen Gold. Thank you Pastor, Ndza khensa swinene mfundhisi wa mina, Xikwembu aximindli hi tintswalo.

Hi papa my name is Moses Mojapelo the one from Alex you prayed for me on Wednesday. Yes everything you've said it's true I was rejected by my mom's family and where she was married months before I was born, my own father also ran away after I was born, the funny part of It is, that he was saying a street after my primary school and I only knew him when I was doing my matric but we made peace I forgave him, the thing is I will only be able to come to my other home on Wednesdays only because on Sundays I am the one who plays keyboard at church Living word Bible church ya apostol KGAPHOLA whose wife was raised by pastor Kadiaka from Gomothapo as for I grew under assemblies of God until I came here in 1998 I was under LWBC I will like you to meet my pastor KGAPHOLA one day.

My name is Mrs Makhura ,I would like to thank the Lord for what He has done for me, in 2012 I was on my way home for December holidays in Limpopo on our way we got a car accident most people died and those who survive were in ICU including myself both my arms and legs were broken and one eye was out. The doctors told me that I would stay for a year or more in hospital but I knew it deep down in my heart that if papa can come I'll be healed indeed when he came he prayed for me and gave me a word that I will be discharged in three month time but by God's grace I was discharged before three month everyone could not believe including the doctors and some of them did not even recognise me, they were shocked that I was discharged and about quick recovery. I thank God for the miracle he has done in my life.

I feel very privileged and honoured today, to witness God's power in my family and my extended family members. When my mother was dismissed for theft in 2008, it was a very painful experience because I knew deep down in my heart that she was serving God with all her might and being ever since she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour when she was 21 years of age and today she is 60 years old. I am not saying she was a perfect person, but I have seen her commitment to God throughout the years of her live. My mother has been working in this company for 15 years and one lady joined the company and she was asked to train this new lady. In June 2008, my mother gave her, her password as she was rushing to the bank so that she could be able to approve some transactions on the system whilst my mother was on lunch.

This was a common practice in her workplace. When she came back from lunch she discovered that money has been transferred from client's accounts and her password was used to effect all those transactions. Despite the trust that her manager has developed towards her over the past 15 years, he decided to initiate a disciplinary hearing against her. She was charged with theft and dishonesty and eventually she was dismissed. As a result of the trust relationship that has developed between my mother and her manager's family, the wife of her manager came to my mother to apologise and indicated that she is deeply hurt by her husband failure to realise that she is not the type of a person that can steal. She said that her husband always told her that he trusts my mother even with his money. The lady who took my mother password continued stealing, and stealing, and stealing. She was transferred to another branch where she stole money and decided to burn the office and eventually she was arrested. My mother was called to witness in that case which took place in 2010. In March 2013, Pastor Jeff prophesied to her and he told her that God is wiping all her tears and all that has happen to her including being accused for the things she did not do, God says it's over, On Wednesday last week, I felt unspeakable joy in my spirit and I told Papa that what I feel in my spirit is indescribable.

Papa said what you are feeling is confirming what God is about to do. I attended a Wednesday service, and Papa when he was preaching he said, It's pay-back time. God is going to cause people to give you back what belongs to you. It's restoration time. Some of you will testify within 30 days. I decided to call my mother the following day to share with her the word that Papa was preaching the previous night. She said to me you will not believe what I am about to tell you. My Manager came to tell me that in January, they want me to come back to work. They are giving my job back after 5 years of being dismissed for something that I did not do. I remembered the word of Elizabeth when God remembered her, she said, thus the Lord has dealt with me, in the days when he looked on me to take away my reproach among people. After some few minutes my cousin called me to tell me that she has been appointed as a Chief Executive Officer of Civil Aviation Authority of South Africa. I am pleased to share with the church that God showed me her appointed as a CEO in a vision in 2009.

She is the first black woman to be appointed to manage the aviation regulatory institution in the country. When the advertisement was published, the Minister of transport recalled it and he instructed them to change the requirements from 10 years experience to 5 years and the Private Pilot licence which was one of the requirements was also removed. She applied and while the recruitment process was underway there was a lot of conniving and back stabbing since the industry is dominated by men, but I kept on reminding her that God has revealed long time ago that she was going to be appointed so she must not lose focus. I kept on praying about it, she acted for 10 months and eventually she is now permanently appointed. It has not been an easy journey but once again I can attest to the fact that when God says I will perfect that which concerns you, he means it and he will do it. Those are two remarkable testimonies where I have seen God matching like a might man of war in my life and to extended family members.