Throughout the years we have had various events that God has mandated us to up keep. Come and be part of the TCC experience when we host these empowering sessions. One thing that we can assure you, your life will never be the same once the truth has convicted you and sets you free.

Easter Conference

The Easter conference is one of the key highlight of the year, the event is dedicated to baptising of new souls at TCC. The baptisms ordinarily takes place in Eastern Jeffrey's Bay. This is part of engaging with our sister branch at Jeffrey's Bay and briging revival in the Eastern Cape. Over the years we have seen growth in the number of participants from the surrounding areas and the likes. This goes to show how valuable this outreach is to TCC.

Soul Winning Conference

This breath taking conference has been part of a long tradition of the celebrations at TCC that coincide with the birthday of the visionary of the church. Instead of this just being an ordinary birthday event, we have dedicated the event to winning of new souls to the Kingdom of God. Take note of the event in your calender, you are encouraged to come and receive Christ or come experience revival in your spiritual life. We have a powerful line-up of well reknown international preachers that will empower you in spiritually, so do not miss such a profound experience and divine impartation.

Year end Conference

This is the last conference of the year, but do not think the energy levels will be low since we are wrapping up the year. We still continue with same the level of dedication in doing our Father's work of reviving the souls of His sheeps. Come and be part of this empowering event before you head-up to your holiday destination. The experience will carry you through the festive season and beyond. We encourge you to mark the dates on your calender, come and be empowered.